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  • #the latest little gem from cherryimpala  #jesus bleeding christ  #actually  #you know what this looks like?  #this looks like some school picture or something gone horribly horribly wrong  #like look at the shitty blue background. that is your typical school photo backdrop right there  #i don't really want to talk about his shirt (OR LACK THEREOF)  #but it looks like something your mother would make you wear because your aunt bought it for you  #and even though you haven't seen her in years and you don't even like polka dots god they're not even in style  #and the silky-ish texture of the shirt gives you the fantods because maybe it reminds you of a part of some weird disco costume or something  #you still have to wear it  #and you have to wear it to picture day too because you forgot that extra shirt you meant to put in your backpack  #but maybe it will be okay because damn your hair is looking fly you've got it styled in that 98 degrees backstreet leo dicaprio sort of way  #and then you're the last person to get your picture taken and the photographer says hey you look like you could be a model  #and you may not know this but i'm an up and coming photographer  #i freelance for a magazine.  #wanna let me take some extra shots of you?  #and then this monstrosity is the result.  #the twist is that the photographer was legit and not some weirdo creep.  #the bigger twist is that this photo was probably taken in all seriousness.  #which  #ick  #submission  #cherryimpala  #jenny thunder