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  • But cities that are magical and sentient tho


    • Cities shutting down the subway and refusing to lower bridges when potholes get too bad and nothing is done about them because hey that hurts and someone needs to fix it.
    • Cities opening old abandoned subway stations and venting hot air above ground during the winter for the homeless population.
    • Sidewalk blocks standing up to protect protesters from the police.
    • Everyone feels safe running in the park at night because everyone knows one story about a guy who tried to mug/rape/attack someone and was dragged off by tree roots
    • Subway stairs rolling themselves up and refusing to let anyone into the tunnels so that management is forced to listen striking train drivers.
    • One weekend every summer the entire city is covered in chalk drawings the residents create as a thank you to the city that protects and cares for them so well. For weeks afterwards the sidewalks are covered in faint chalk marks until the next rain washes it all away.
    • Each spring the city does it’s own spring cleaning, rain storms and strong winds sweeping the garbage out of alley ways and into piles for the garbage workers to come and collect.


    /////FLIPS TABLES////

    ///RIPS SHIRT//

     IW ANT IT N O W .

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    Guy Le Tatooer

    He combines folklore from across global cultures in a quest to from a timeless style. He said: ” I don’t read magazines in general and I don’t know the tattoo world (…) I THINK TATTOO IS JUST TATTOO AND NOT AN ART.”

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